Mixed media (digital and traditional)

I can bring your vision alive.

My specialty is animation (2D & 3D) and illustration. Both disciplines covers other fields, like video editing, motion graphics, illustration with diverse styles (toon, anime, realist, expresive), animated toons, storyboard, TV spots or streaming publicity (YouTube, Vimeo).

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Personal Project

Take a look at my personal project based on Dante Alighieri's poem "The Divine Comedy": "From Descention to Ascension".

Short and feature film

I can offer any pre or post production service, with the proper time and the proper process. If you want information about it, you can fill the form in the contact section.


I have equipment for video capture, filming, photography and even for musical and dubbing production (with the support of Hector Rocha, a well known voice actor).

Design and graphic communication

Corporate identity, editorial design, book covers, promotional prints, the graphical design is my profession.

Talents and abilities

Creative design


Digital and traditional painting


"Fresh clay for molding" (digital and traditional).

Concept Art

Movies, comics, animation y videogames.

Traditional animation

The basis of all animated projects.


Cool ideas that bring your stories to life.

Any media you consider for your project can be achieved to satisfaction.

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