Pre & Post-production

Storyboarding, green screen, VFX, photobashing, matte painting, and everything you need for your video production.

"Motion graphics"

Put the final touch on your project, whether be for commercial purposes (TV or streaming), that is my job. I have experience in designing publicity for online and TV spots, also openings for news programs.

Dubbing and voice over

I have support from expert voice of the talented and well known voice actor Hector Rocha.


Whether your project is about animated toons or digital animation (2D/3D), you will have quality on it. I have experience both in traditional and digital animation.

Concept art & illustration

Currently I'm working for an indie videogame project (plus my animated feature) which can be seen here.

3D Modeling and texturizing

3D HQ Models, hi-poly or low-poly models, with their respective texture maps.

The limit is your imagination

You can get in touch with me, I will solve your doubts.
For more information you can see videos on the home page and the project page.
I use free software for making my projects.