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To order a product at the moment, it is necessary to use the contact form (by clicking here), indicating in the message the quantity and the product you want. To pay, you must use a Paypal account, or I can provide you with a bank account number (in a returned email) so that you can make the payment and your product will be sent to you. You can also send me a WhatsApp message. All products in physical format have their seal of authenticity.

Shipping varies depending on your location; For products in physical format, you must send your postal code to be able to quote your shipment and add it to the price of your product. You can download a free version of the products to see what you can buy in their physical version, and you can also distribute them freely. In the case of pinups and commissions, for obvious reasons it is not possible to offer free versions. The physical products are used to finance my animated project, so I am going to thank you very much for collaborating with me. For more information visit the "Animated Project" section.


Original storyboards $380.00 MX
Storyboards used in the production.
Download a free version (PDF).
PinUps $1,200.00 MX
Original art in black/white ink. Is an illustration inked black over white paper canvas about Divine Comedy. For special comissions aplies same price.
ArtBook $820.00 MX
Art book (physical format).
ArtBook $340.00 MX
Digital format in PDF (high quality).
Download a free version (PDF).
Pip, La Luna y los sueños de cristal $90.00 MX
Illustrated book for children (physical format).
Download a free version (PDF).
La fábrica de aves de papel y servicio de mensajería $90.00 MX
Illustrated book for children (physical format).
Download a free version (PDF).